Our Story

Prioritizing health and taking good care of yourself
allows you to better care for others
—In turn, sharing your lifestyle or health and happiness
with everyone in your community

Jonathan's Story

Busy with work and constantly traveling for business, I made poor lifestyle choices. A terrible diet, stress, lack of sleep and exercise contributed to the deterioration of my health. After years of feeling rundown, I decided to hit the reset button that started with a trip to a dietician. She strongly recommended adding active probiotics to my diet, like those found in kombucha.

After trying different kombucha on the market, I decided to make my own. I found this new hobby of brewing kombucha exciting, but more importantly, I felt better, both physically and mentally.

For the next few years, I made kombucha in my kitchen, testing out different combinations of ingredients then sharing with my friends and family. Seeing positive health changes in those that drank my kombucha brought me joy. But, being an entrepreneur at heart, I couldn’t just stop there. I wanted to make the best product and share the benefits of kombucha with as many as possible.

My vision to make the highest quality kombucha, led me to Taiwan. I knew I could source the best fruits and world class teas here. DAOORI Kombucha proudly uses fruit grown by local farmers, pesticide-free tea, and the finest Yilan pure water. All raw materials and ingredients are pure with no additives, tested for quality by both SGS and Euro Labs. Not only is the health of the people important to me, but doing it in an environmentally conscious way is equally important.. As a result, DAOORI Kombucha commits to using environmentally friendly raw materials on all bottles and packaging.

Jonathan Chao