In accordance with Article 19, Item 2 of the Consumer Protection Law and the applicable guidelines for reasonable exceptions to the right to cancel communication transactions announced by the Executive Yuan, our store does not provide the seven-day hesitation period of the Consumer Protection Act for the following products.

The products sold by Daoori are all natural foods and need to be refrigerated at 1~6 oC, and the 7-day appreciation period is not applicable.

Due to the consideration of food hygiene and safety, you can only apply for returns and exchanges except for the defects, damages, operational negligence or damage caused by the delivery process.

  • Once the product is unpacked, eaten, or not refrigerated within the required temperature, resulting in temperature loss, poor storage, etc., resulting in deterioration of the product, we will not be able to process your return application, please forgive me!
  • Before ordering, please read the description on the product page carefully, or confirm the details with the customer service staff before placing an order!
  • We only provide low-temperature home delivery services for goods, and do not bear the responsibility of logistics companies for delayed delivery. For details, please visit the official website of Hsinchu Logistics or send a letter to the customer service mailbox
  • When applying for a refund, if you use a credit card to swipe the card, it will be refunded directly within five days (please contact the card-issuing bank for the actual refund date); if you use remittance, the money will be remitted to the designated account within five days.